Real Life Story – Changed sex life thanks to erection pills

BREAKING! A real life story from a friend who had a sexdate and how he managed to fuck like a pro thanks to some unique erection pills which I gave him! This story will really shock you perhaps, but it is real and from first hand as this story is from one of my best friends. Probably you will recognize some parts of it from your own life, but I think still it is amazing how he solved it.

My friend Robert is a casual guy in his 40s who didn’t land the lady of his dreams yet and till that moment he decided to have casual sex with women or girls ( above 18+ 😀 ) whenever he can. He doesn’t push it, but still he is regularly looking for it. You can imagine the funny conversations we have sometimes about his dates as I myself am married for 10+ years with kids. I envy him sometimes when he tells about his funny dates or sexdates and what he does with thes babes. I miss this exciting part of my life.

However lately he came with a shocking story. He is reaching 40+ and he told me he is feeling less and less excited when a girl wants to fuck with him and also he mentioned his erection is not as strong as before. Sometimes his dick simply gets soft after 10 minutes or when she is riding him on top. I told him for these things you should take erection pills , male enhancement pills of sex pills – whatever you call them. Probably you know the most well known ed pill called Viagra, but also the others work perfectly find like Cialis, Kamagra and Levitra or generic variants. He followed my advice and bough a pack of Generic Viagra pills and since then his erection was super.

Anyway he told me he had a sexdate with a beautiful Russian girl called Anastasia. She was 25 years old, 170cm tall and 55 kg, a real sex bomb! She was a good girl ( not a slut at all ) but when she likes a guy she will go for him for the short term of long term. So my friend Robert had a (sex)date with her and then went for a dinner and after a few drinks. Then suddenly Anastasia approached his legs and tried to feel if my friend was hard, which he was. She told … come to my place and let’s do it! My friend of course though perfect, however he left his Viagra pill home and was wondering if he would perform like he was 30 OR that after 10 minutes he would get his slightly limp dick.

They went to her home and they had a little foreplay.. He licked her till the end and she had an orgasm… she starting giving him a blowjob, while she suddenly asked… do you have a condom?

My friend was thinking… he actually had a condom… but he felt not so powerful after the dinner and the many drinks ( wine and vodka ) and thought maybe if I say no, she doesn’t want to have sex today, so I can next date take a viagra pill and then perform like a pro and give her the sex she deserves! So my friend Robert old NO… sorry I don’t have… Anastasia looked in his eyes… and asked… Sure?!? Yes Robert told… I forgot them… But I am clean and we can have sex without condom… or we just do it next time as you are so amazing, cool, beautiful so I can wait 1 day to have sex. Robert saw Anastasia thinking… and she told him… yes maybe you are right, maybe we should wait as I just know you and don’t want to get any STD as I had before. Robert told… DEAL! Let’s watch a movie… kiss… hug and then tomorrow have the wildest sex ever… “The fuck of the century”.

So they met next day in the evening after work again at his place. He had a bottle of white wine cold ( it was summer ) and she came in an amazing sex outfit with short skirt. 30 minutes before his date, Robert took a Viagra pill, and when he opened the door and saw her, he knew he took the right decision to play yesterday the ‘condom card’ and give himself a second change the next day. They kissed in the door opening and after a hand kiss and he touched her ass. She closed the door and kissed him again with passion and then whispered in his ear…. touch me under my skirt… So Robert did and he didn’t feel underwear, but just a beautiful shaved wet pussy from Anastasia. He got hard like a rocket from this girl, her naughty mind and her amazing body and smell. Now he knew with viagra he had the power to perform all evening and give her the sex she needed and deserved.

They had sex 2 times that evening, from intercourse alone Anastasia had 4 orgasms and she told Robert she never met a guy with such a perfect dick which was just perfect for her. They did several positions like classic, doggy, she on top with her face to him and her back to him and they had sex on sofa, chair, table, bed and bathroom. I hope you understand the conclusion and importance this aritcle can have for your sexlife.

Never ever have sex with a girl if you are not 100% confident without a erection pill! If you really meet a nice girl you want a long hard erection and both you and the girl deserve exactly that!