How to get a stronger and longer erection?

The question”How to get a longer and harder erection?” is a million dollar question asked by millions of men every day. We got the answer and it is free! And we are not joking or want to make you crazy. We also don’t gonna tease you for 60 minutes in a video and then actually not telling you the true secret, before you pay for it. NO!!!! We gonna tell it you straight forward, without any intentions and we gonna do it totally free!!! Why? Well because you landed on the blog by men for men like yourself. We are just a bunch of guys who solved our erection problems and penis size problems by a simple trick and pill and ready to share it with the public as every men/women/couple deserves a healthy and good sexlife and a long hard erection is simply helping with this.

Anyway let’s cut the question in half so we can more easy and deeply answer the question. 1. How to get a stronger erection and 2. How to get a longer erection. Of course the questions are connected, and don’t worry we gonna cover them both from A to Z so after this blog post you can call yourself an expert!

How to get a stronger erection?

Well what this mean is basically that your erection is harder, which means your penis will have more blood inside the blood vessels and because of this is bigger, stronger, harder, thicker or whatever you want to call it, you know what it means – great sex! But how? Well of course you can go to expensive clinics and spend 1000s of dollars, however this is not what we think is a good idea. However there are pills available which for literally 1 USD give you a stronger erection. Perhaps you heard of the Viagra Pill ( with Sildenafil Citrate ), which was the first erection pill on the market for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. However even if you don’t have ED, you can still take Viagra and trust me your erection will be super strong and your penis will not be weak and much thicker and harder. The good news now is that since couple of years you can order “generic viagra” online which costs only about 1 USD per tablet, much cheaper than the brand version of Viagra. Secondly there are also other ed pills in generic version, like generic cialis (Cialis), generic levitra (Levitra) and generic kamagra (Kamagra) however best is to first test and start with Viagra. Where to buy Viagra online? We use the online pharmacy below called “pharmacy xl”…

How to get a longer erection?

What this means is that your erection will be longer and of course this is connected with the previous question about “stronger” … remember? Probably you have had it before, you want to have nice romantic evening with nice long sex, however somehow your dick is not staying in good erection for long. You can have a quick and let’s say hard/aggressive fuck in doggy style, however your erection doesn’t stay long for romantic sex in several positions and with kissing, 69, her on top etc… Especially when she is on top and her pussy is too wet or too dry then it is very good possible your penis doesn’t feel enough exiting and can get softer and then the fun is over – all evening spoiled because your erection doesn’t stay long enough.

Like above in the previous questions, generic viagra does not only make your erection stronger, it also lasts longer! Imagine an erection that is stronger and stays longer and how good your sexlife will be then and how happy your girlfriend / sexpartner or wife will be after 1 hour of good passionate and loving sex.


We told you before the questions where connected, but we wanted to answer them separately to make it more clear. Anyway for both people who have erectile dysfunction as those who simply want a stronger and longer erection, generic viagra is the answer and take advantage of the trusted online pharmacy which we use for many years for good, reliable and safe generic viagra. After you tried it, feel free to comment on this blog post and give us a big thanks as we don’t do it for the money, but we do it for the good results from other men.

Relationship Problems because of erectile dysfunction

Do you have Relationship Problems because of erectile dysfunction? You are not alone, there are 1000s of men like you! Read here how to cure ED guaranteed. The reason for this blog post, is recently a guy from Texas wrote us that he thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him as they have “bad sex” and “no sex” because of his erectile dysfunction. We made an online survey and found out many men have this problem.

Why you have erectile dysfunction?

Some men have erectile dysfunction ( let’s further call it simply ED ) because of medical reasons, however most men have ED because of psychological reasons. The problem if you are in a relationship is that you are simply less excited than before when your girlfriend or wife wants to have sex. You had sex many times before and you know her body and also know the bad sides, so it is very good possible you are no super exciting and have a little limp dick.

Does a relationship needs good sex

We think yes and if you don’t believe us many studies from universities around the United States have scientifically proven that relationships are healthier, better and last longer when there is good sex! Even more important there is a direct connection between bad sex and relationship problems. The good thing is you landed on our blog, so you took initiative to solve your erection problems. Heads up, you are about to find out how to cure ED below…

Erectile Dysfunction Cure

We don’t want to say we are Einstein, however we are about to give you the Erectile Dysfunction Cure which works for 99% of all male around the world. The reason you don’t know it is because you need a prescription for this pill and at your doctor it is very expensive and only available for rich people. However we are about to solve both 2 problems.

There are many pills which can cure ED, however let’s not go into details about the various pills available, let’s simply pick the best ED Pill and the cheapest one, right? The best ED pill is Viagra (generic viagra) and the active ingredient giving you this powerful erection all the time is Sildenafil Citrate. There are other ED pills on the market like cialis, levitra, kamagra however they all work the same and generic viagra is the cheapest, so why bother if you are new to the world of erection pills.

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