How to get long hard erections with Stendra

Stendra is well known for being the FASTEST working erection pill ever – after 10 minutes it starts working! Even before the internet era, Stendra already existed as fast working drug to solve erectile dysfunction in men and was first introduced by pharmaceutical company Proctre & Gamble which is by the way also known for many household products like toothpaste. Many people and advertisements joked about stendra and the fact men had long hard erections and so quick, but the truth is it simply works like crazy and till today Stendra is the only ed pill working so fast and long and that’s why it is called the formula 1 pill, compare that with viagra and cialis and Stendra is the clear winner here.

Cialis is made from “avanafil” as an active ingredient an standard has 50mg or 100mg of it.

This active ingredient avanafil makes your blood vessels to widen a bit and heart beat increasing a bit, where blood is flowing better through the blood vessels. As your penis is made up from blood vessels, more blood will go in your penis which will make sure you erection is “LONGER” and “HARDER” in the same time. While viagra uses sildenafil, cialis uses tadalafil, levitra uses vardenafil but only with stendra and avanafil you will be able to get an erection instantly, while the other you have to wait 30-45 minutes.

Stendra vs Generic Stendra

Should you save money for years to be able to buy Stendra? If you believe the big pharma (P&G in this case) then yes you should as the brand-version of Stendra is retailing at prices anywhere between 40-60 USD per pill which is very expensive even though it is completely worth it. However fortunately there are generic drugs, which are exactly the same except you don’t pay for the brand. Generic Stendra is available online and not at your local doctor which is controlled by the big pharma, so you better use an online pharmacy instead. We ourselves use an online drugstore called Pharmacy XL where you can order generic stendra online for around 4 USD per tablet, which is more expensive than cialis and viagra, but this formula 1 pill has the unique feature that is works so good and so quick! It is simply a premium product.

Where to buy Stendra?

Where to buy Stendra? A very good question and the answer is easy! If you read above post about “stendra vs generic stendra”, then you probably already know the answer – ONLINE! Of course you know that since the rise of Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba the online shopping is exploding and this is not different with popular medications like for the men’s health. Easy home shopping and with prices much lower. Just make sure you use certified and well known online pharmacies out there, which have proven themselves. We can only recommend you the online store which we ourselves use below to buy cialis online.


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Stendra Reviews

Stendra reviews can be very helpful to see if it works or not. However we don’t know of any negative review that Stendra doesn’t work, it works simply always no matter what. Try Stendra for yourself and see how your boner starts to grow immediately after 10 minutes or quicker!