Long Hard Erection

Suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction? Here we will give tips and tricks how to improve your erection so you also get long hard erections like a pro and have the sexlife you want and deserve full with passionate sex! The best sex ever is something any person or couple is thriving for and with our tips this can be reality for you soon, so stay tuned and real all…

Why some people don’t have long hard erections?

Well there are several reasons for this, ranging from erectile dysfunction / impotence to mental problems or simply because you are not excited or because you are nervous and distracted. Anyway whatever the reason you might have problems to keep your erections, we gonna discuss all problems and solutions below.

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

This is situation that your body can’t get enough blood into your penis blood vessels. Or you are no excited enough or simply your blood vessels needs to be widened. Erection Pills like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Kamagra can be a perfect solution to treat and cure ED.

Mental Problems

While many men have physical conditions which relate to erection problems, many men also have “mental problems” which lead to impotence. Why? Well you can be distracted, insecure or simply because you can’t get excited anymore. Also if you watch too much porn and only get excited from hardcore porn and with your normal girlfriend or wife you have normal romantic sex, it can be that you don’t get excited anymore. So for sure try to watch less porn or no porn and if you watch porn videos, then try to watch very softcore porn or solo scenes with beautiful girls. Then if your girlfriend or wife undresses you also get excited.

Also try to focus on the sex when you are planning to have sex and not think about problems, work, discussions and unpleasant things.

Of course sex pills can help you to get more excited and more focussed, so don’t forget about them too as it is a cheap, helpful and proven solution.

The 10 best ways how to get a long hard erection

We decided to come up with an easy to follow step by step way how to get the best sexual performance.

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Do sports ( 3 times a week or every day some push ups and sit ups in the morning )
  3. If you take erection pills, don’t eat to much!
  4. Don’t drink too much
  5. Don’t watch porn or if then only softcore
  6. Don’t jerk off, you can massage sometimes but don’t cum
  7. train your penis sometimes, but again don’t have orgasm
  8. Focus on the sex when you have it, keep your eyes open and enjoy the female beauty
  9. know what turns you on and discuss this or simply do this with your sex partner.
  10. The last but not the least, simply take erection pills as if you order them at an online pharmacy they are very cheap and this is the absolute guaranteed way to get a long hard erection always!
Most Popular Erection Pills

Of course you are very interested in which erection pills ( in short “ed pills” standing for erectile dysfunction pills ) as they can improve your sexdrive, sexlife, relationship of marriage! We sum them op for you and give more information about every individual pill on another page so click on it.

  • Viagra ( generic viagra – sildenafil citrate )
  • Cialis ( generic cialis – tadalafil )
  • Levitra ( generic levitra – vardenafil )
  • Kamagra ( generic kamagra – sildenafil )
  • Stendra ( generic stendra – avanafil )
  • plus various generic versions, however above is the absolute top 5 erection pills!